How to apply for sample and/or data:

  • Create an account in Podium, verify your email address and your account will be checked by the Administrator and activated.
  • Start your application by filling in the application form via To gain access, this form including your research questions, required data and/or samples, financing, and timeline of the research must be submitted via this portal
  • On the application form please fill in:
    • Organisations: Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance
    • Background: list the cohorts of your interest (or add them separately in an attachment)
  • The submitted application will be send to the board of the DCVA Infrastructure Pilar. The board will contact the cardiovascular cohorts in your application.
  • As a requester you will receive status updates through Podium about the current status of your request.
  • Once an application is approved, a Data and or Material Transfer Agreement (DTA or MTA) needs to be prepared at the legal department of your organization. The ELSI Servicedesk form Health-RI shares some templates 
  • Data and/or material will be released after signing the DTA or MTA.